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About the Teller and his Tales


welcome to the home of the Teller of Tales. The Teller is no ordinary storyteller though. He is a summoner, who summons the spirits of writers, singers, druids, archivists, librarians and storytellers from ages past and from different planes of reality. The combined powers of these spirits are channeled into his tales, making them intense enough to rouse the dead and make the gods of Creation weep! But these spirits, ethereal as they are, need an earthly voice to speak to the Teller. This is where you come in.


This site is where the Teller tells your Tales. Your tales, because you decide what happens next. You will channel the spirits of storytellers from long ago, as the Teller takes you into a world where a great adventure awaits. But even he does not know what will happen, for the readers vote on the actions of the protagonist. 

But beware! All worlds are cruel and unforgiving, and there is no guarantee your protagonist will fulfill his destiny. Danger and death are as real as can be, so if you lead your protagonist astray he may well die. There are no do-overs. A story will end before it's conclusion. But fear not, for there is always a next tale to tell! 

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