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Ask your questions to the teller here

I take it you know what a frequently asked questions page is. But I will also be adding pre-emptive questions, otherwise it will look like I have no friends.

Q: Why is your site so wonky? 

A: I am a storyteller, not a websitebuilder. I summon the spirits of bards and druids from ages past to tell the best of tales, but they are baffled by computers and thus of no help. I will be trying to improve the site.

Q: Did you pick those cheap images from the internet?

A: I did. Feel free to help me out by sending in your own artwork to illustrate the site and the stories!

Q: Can you update more often?

A: I might consider it, but I want people to have enough time to vote. Also, untill I can make a living out of this I will have to do my day-job as well, and this stuff takes a lot of time.

Ask your question

Dumb questions do exist, but that should not stop you from asking them.

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